Prison of Ghosts (The Village of Hebron)

By Eddie Falcon

I walk the haunted halls of Hebron
A cage within a cage
Tiers of cells
Cold and dampened by the tears and blood of village ghosts
Metal bars upon metal screens
The silenced screams of children
Scarred by spikes and stones
Thrown from the balconies of stolen homes
Little boys and girls skirmish
Laughter echos the gauntlet
Painful passages etched and carved through concrete walls
But cannot escape the prison
They gather and gaze across welded, wounded windows
Searching for a horizon of hope
Only to stare unto a hollow hill of broken bones
With broken hearts
Imperial sentinels in the fortress of phantasms
Torment and terrorize the vestiges of villagers
From dawn
Until dusk
A time when they must climb back into their sorrowful cells
Sleeping and dreaming through the darkness
Ghosts chained to a memory
Forced into a cage within a cage
The settler slings sand at my face
For my face is just as the phantom’s face
Her eyes
My eyes
Our eyes are many mirrors over
Sharing the vision of a world
Without prisons
And living ghosts.

Metal screen covering Palestinian marketplace to protect from objects thrown by settlers.


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One response to “Prison of Ghosts (The Village of Hebron)

  1. pati

    Thank you for writing this Eddie, it’s really heart breakingly beautiful. I’ll write soon, hope you and everyone is still doing ok. Viva Palestina!

    miss you tons, xoxox

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